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The OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS undertakes to comply with all the provisions of these terms and conditions of use and expressly requests that you, as a user, also do so, fully respecting all the rules of use described below.

The OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS declares that it is a company dedicated to the sale of socks and masks.

The OWNER OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA informs you that it cannot guarantee the veracity, validity, integrity or reliability of the content published by third parties unrelated to it in their official public profiles of their social networks or any related link that refers to the OWNER OF THE NETWORKS SOCIAL.

For all the above, the OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS expressly asks its users to carefully review and evaluate the content and the veracity of the same before carrying out any type of activity in our profiles, requesting them to do so with the utmost caution possible. We remind you that the profiles of the social networks are public, which implies that everything you publish may be viewed by any third party user of the social network and by the OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS.

We inform you that you are solely responsible for the content you publish and for the consequences of your image and reputation, for which we expressly request that if you have doubts, you better not participate.

In turn, the OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS informs you that our profiles in our social networks could contain opinions of third parties, without necessarily reflecting our opinions, being any type of content not published by OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS or opinion sole responsibility and exclusive of the author of the same.

No user may establish hyperlinks to our social networks, unless they have obtained express authorization from the OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS to do so.

The OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS could publish information and content on their social networks through access links to other websites managed by third parties, however, the OWNER cannot control or supervise the content included therein, being the responsibility of the user your navigation on these linked sites. The OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS will only be responsible for the contents that appear on the linked sites to the extent that they have effective knowledge of said illegality, without diligently deactivating said link. As soon as you consider and become aware that any of the linked sites is illegal and consequently violates the rights of third parties, the OWNER OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA requests that you notify us as soon as possible through the email hello @ or phone

Neither hyperlinks nor linked sites imply the existence of a relationship between OWNER OF SOCIAL NETWORKS and the owner of the website where the hyperlink or linked site appears, nor the approval by OWNER OF SOCIAL NETWORKS of the contents of said pages.

The OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS does not authorize or have powers to allow the use of material protected by Intellectual Property rights contained in the linked sites, being the responsibility of the users to ensure that they have the corresponding licenses.

The OWNER OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA actively carries out procedures for the detection and removal of content that may pose a threat, be discriminatory, constitute offenses, insults, etc., or that violate the rights of third parties. However, despite this, sometimes it is impossible to control it immediately, it is for that reason that the OWNER OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA expressly requests that:

  1. a) Express your own opinion with respect, without impersonating third parties.
  2. b) Do not make comments or carry out any type of conduct that may constitute insults, harassment, threats, are defamatory, libelous, incite hatred, may constitute a civil or criminal offense or are contrary to the law.
  3. c) Do not publish information that may include personal data of third parties.
  4. d) Do not post comments or material that may violate the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  5. e) Do not make comments that may promote commercial interests, mercantile activities or personal professional interests.

Ultimately, the OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS reserves the right to delete and moderate comments that may be likely to constitute a crime or future controversy as quickly as possible, as long as they have knowledge about it, without the OWNER OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS , without informing your users about it.